Greenlift - Traction (GLT)


GMV is supplementing its successful Greene Lift programme with a technical solution for lifts of up to 12 storeys based on: 

• PM motor from Sicor.

• VVVF frequency control, field-oriented vector regulation with sine encoder.
• Security system which prevents the car from travelling to quickly in an upward direction. 
• Automatic return to floor in the event of a power failure. 
• Manual emergency manoeuvring with UPS. 
• TMC car with a large number of colours. 
• Lifts within the loading area of 320-1,000 kg. 
• Telescopic or centrally opening doors. 
• Safe and speedy installation. 
• At the moment "unit verification" 

The special advantages with the GLT includes: 
• Reduced energy consumption. Up to 30% less than a traditional geared machine. 
• High level of travel comfort. 
• Accurate levelling. 

The electrical controller is placed to the side of the door on the top level. This houses all control equipment. The solution with VVVF and the controls located in the lift well is optional. In the event of a power failure, the lift controller together with UPS (230 V battery group) automatically runs the lift to the nearest floor level, which makes it possible for passengers to leave the car. Manual emergency manoeuvring can also be carried out with the help of UPS. VF drive technology with variable frequency combined with feedback from the machinery provides perfect control of the lift’s journey and excellent adjustment accuracy at floor level. 









№ Openings




480 6 1000 1250 2AT 1550 1650 1 800
480 6 1000 1250 2AT 1550 1770 2 800
630 8 1100 1400 2AT 1650 1800 1 900
630 8 1100 1400 2AT 1650 1920 2 900
1000 13 1100 2110 2AT 1700 2500 1 900
1000 13 1100 2110 2AT 1700 2630 2 900


Explanation of abbreviation: 

Q= Rated load (kg) 
P= Number of passengers 
CW= Car Width (mm) 
CD= Car Depth (mm) 

Door= 2AT: 2 panels, automatic, telescopic

SW= Shaft Width (mm) 
SD = Shaft Depth (mm)

DW = Door Width (mm (Standard Width))


Greenlift Traction (GLT)