Jack 1000/1000 SL

A direct-acting, centre-placed jack type 1000 is developed for lifts with a high loading capacity (freight lifts) or panorama lifts that require a high aesthetic standard and a good disposition. This jack is also used in smaller lifts so that the space can be used optimally. 

A wide range of diameter sizes is available to meet all loading requirements. Jack 1000 may also be used with lifts that have large car frames which require double jacks. To facilitate transport and installation in the lift well, this jack can be supplied in 2-3 parts. 

Jack 1000 is equipped with a top plate which is connected together with the car frame and with a bottom plate which is placed in the pit. This jack is constructed for placement in a drilled hole and the cylinder tube is protected with a waterproof paint. 

Jack type 1000 SL, is available for diameters between 60 and 110. The new technology used in this valve provides a reduced size of the cylinder, which means that less oil is required. A new cylinder design of the collar allows faster installation of the jack.