GMV Sweden AB’s production is based on customer orders and unique manufacturing. With a full range of machinery and cutting tools, licensed welding, painting and complete test equipment, we offer short lead times and high flexibility. 

Telescopic Jacks 

GMV Sweden AB produces and tests all telescopic cylinders for the entire GMV group, 2-4 pistons with external synchronisation and 2-3 pistons with internal synchronisation. 

1 piston Jacks

GMV Sweden AB produces and tests all 1 piston cylinders for their own market area, and if necessary also for the parent company GMV SpA in Italy. 

Car frames

Car frame FLH 25, 35, 35C and 80 for freight lift with a nominal load of 1,500-8,000 kg is manufactured for the entire GMV Group. 

Hydraulic cabinets and valves

All types of hydraulic cabinets and valves are tested and adapted to installation requirements and the customer’s requirements. 

Pawl devices

There are two different sizes of pawl devices which are manufactured and tested. Because this is a safety component, each pawl device is marked with a serial number which guarantees full traceability throughout the entire service life of the component. 

Product development

GMV Sweden AB’s product development pursues two directions:

  • Jacks for hydraulic lifts 
  • Other components together with the parent company 

The work comprises the entire chain from rough sketches and stress calculations, via prototype drawings to CAD-drawn constructions. Each prototype is tested in our test facilities. Documentation and design data are worked out and reported in the group’s technical manual.

Logistic / Delivery

GMV Sweden AB operates with a highly developed understanding for logistics, ensuring fast and correct deliveries. Guides, car frames, cars, doors and electrical equipment from the parent company or from other suppliers throughout Europe are compiled and shipments are consolidated with hydraulic components taken from our own manufacturing facilities. Deliveries often take place directly to the installation location.