Goods/Passenger Lift

Goods/Passenger lift GPL is intended for the transport of part loads of up to 4,000 kg where passengers can also accompany the load.

Forktruck Lift

The truck lift is a freight lift adapted for industrial requirements where loading and unloading takes place with a forklift truck.



The programme includes

   • Goods/passenger lifts intended for the transport of mixed goods with loads up to 5,000 kg. 
   • Vehicle lifts intended for the transport of vehicles. (VL30 - VL35 - VL40 - VL45)
   • Truck lifts intended for the transport of goods loaded by forklift truck for loads up to 12,000 kg.



24865 medium new gpl

The lifts are hydraulic with two or four direct-acting lift cylinders which provide maximal stability during loading and unloading compared to when ropes are used. 1-stage , or EC telescopic cylinder is used depending on actual lift height. 

Lift heights of up to 8 floors or 20 m is possible. The lifts are combined with GMV components, which are well-known for their functionality with simple installation with low service costs. 

The concept for goods/passenger lifts are designed by manufacturer GMV Sweden in accordance with the Lift Directive 2014/33 EU. The Vehicle lifts are supplied with a Design certificate. 


Goods/Passenger lift GPL