Power Units


The following applies for our hydraulic units:

GMV supplies most applications as regards hydraulic units. From small to large units. Our service pressure goes up to 45 bar static at full load and 12 bar static in an empty car. 

All units are always equipped with: 

  • Hand pump 
  • Emergency lowering 
  • Pressure switch 
  • Pre-wired connections to coils (5 m of cable) 
  • Y/D Start or Direct start 
  • Softstop 


  • Connection to cooler 
  • Motor wiring 
  • Softstart (recommended for motor sizes 29.4 kW - and upwards) 
  • Valve block heater 
  • Oil heater 
  • Oil cooler 
  • Anti-creep system 
  • Sound insulation