Big Space

BIG SPACE - Boost Your Property's Value

A retrofit elevator not only enhances your property's worth but also makes it more appealing to potential buyers and tenants, while greatly improving overall accessibility.

BIG SPACE™ is a hydraulic elevator that maximizes every millimeter of the elevator shaft, providing ample space inside the elevator. Our large yet compact elevator is content with such a limited shaft space that it can fit into the existing stairwell if the staircase is redesigned to a narrower model.


About Big Space™

Our patent-pending elevator model, BIG SPACE, is specifically designed to fit into narrow shafts for buildings without an elevator or replacing existing elevators with narrow shafts  - simply the most space-efficient elevator.

BIG SPACE, our slim elevator, is spacious and generous in door width, accommodating both walkers and wheelchairs. For a simple and quick installation, the system is customized to meet various needs, including narrow shafts.

Benefits of upgrading to Big Space:

• Speed increases from 0.3m/s to 0.63m/s.

• Load capacity can be increased from 325 kg to 700 kg.

• Improved ride comfort and quieter operation.

• Cabin door for enhanced safety.

• Possibility to retain parts of existing material


Replacement of Old Screw Elevators

If the elevator is situated in an environment subject to higher loads, such as hospitals or exposure to weather conditions, it may be necessary to assess the elevator's condition.

Old screw elevators are often worn and require extensive maintenance, which can become costly. They rattle, move slowly, and have narrow doors that impede walkers and wheelchairs.

BIG SPACE XL is specifically designed to modernize existing older elevators in properties, especially old screw elevators like NTD, where the shaft width is very limited. In these cases, the existing shaft and swing doors are retained.

In Europe, there are many stairwells without an elevator.


Customized Elevator

Big Space from GMV isn't big – on the outside. By utilizing every millimeter of the elevator shaft, it provides ample space (big space) inside. The elevator requires only limited space for the shaft, allowing it to fit into the existing stairwell if the staircase is redesigned to a narrower model.

If the staircase is already narrow, the solution may be to build an elevator shaft outside the stairwell. Thanks to the elevator's slim design, the expansion can be discreet and proportionate. The system and elevator design are also customized based on your unique needs.


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Grevegårdsvägen, Göteborgsbostäder           Cabin          Drawing

Vallavägen, Brf. Masmästaren Falun              Cabin          Drawing

Kungsbroskolan, Tidaholm                           Installation   Drawing

Torstenssonsgatan 6, Stockholm                   Cabin           Drawing









Old screw lift                        New lift with excisting hinged doors


Plan view of an assortment of shafts


Folding+Swing door CO700mm


Folding+Swing door CO800mm


Automatic door T3 Slim CO700mm


Automatic door T3 Slim CO800mm


Automatic door T3 Slim CO900mm