Power units T2-T3-T4

The T-units are designed to guarantee the best possible travel comfort for passengers in hydraulic lifts. GMV offers a large selection of motor output, pump flow and tank dimensions. These may be combined to suit all types of hydraulic lifts. 

The 3010/S valve controls the different phases of the lift’s journey: Nominal speed, acceleration and braking. The valve guarantees constant and even effort in the event of pressure and temperature changes. For larger installations our units are supplied as a double unit with two groups of pumps and two valves. If large amounts of oil are required we can manufacture a specially larger tank. 


Standard components: 

  •  Submergible motor 
  •  Pump with filter 
  •  Pulsation damper 
  •  3010/S valve 
  •  Cut-off valve with filter 
  •  Oil level stick 
  •  Connecting plinth with plastic housing 
  •  Oil thermostat and motor thermistor 
  •  Pressure switch 
  •  Hand pump 
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