Passenger Lifts

GreenLift is the perfect lift solution for passenger lifts in offices, apartments, schools and similar. There are a large number of car sizes which can accommodate loads of 4 - 13 people or 320 - 1000 kg. We have the solution, which makes use of the shaft area in the best possible way. GreenLift covers travel heights up to 35 m (from 2 to 12 floors).

GreenLift - Hydraulic lift

GreenLift Fluitronic GLF is a hydraulic lift for buildings with up to 6-7 floors or 18 m travel height.


GreenLift - Transaction lift

For higher travel heights, GreenLift GLT is used, as traction lift without an machine room for travel heights up to 35 m or 12 floors.

Big Space

BIG SPACE™ is our hydraulic lift that all of the shaft - wall to wall and floor to roof!

Home Lift

Home Lift ® - a new product at the Swedish market. Home Lift ® is produced in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and retain properties as a traditional lift.

Passenger Lifts

GreenLift Fluidtronic: Hydraulic lift with large standard variety in car sizes in nominal load intervals from 4 to 21 passengers or 320 - 1600 kg. Reduced pit and top are available configurations.


GreenLift Traction Lift: Large varity of cars in car sizes in nominal load intervals from 4 to 13 passenger or 320-100 kg. 

Big Space™: Lifts for new building with a minimal lift shaft or replacement of existing and obsolete lifts. Reduced pit and top are available configurations and most existing shafts can accommodate a Big Space™. Nominal load are 4 to 21 passengers or 320-1600 kg. 


Home Lift: Lift in accordance with the Machinery Directive in nominal load range of 2 to 5 passengers or 160-400 kg. 

Design your lift

With our interactice lift designer you can easily make your own lift car and door. Try it out!