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Home Lift ® are based on Fluitronic ® technology featuring the proportional electronic valve NGV with digital control. A standard delivery comes with automatic telescopic doors and automated travel to destination (No Operator Presense Control). It can be but in shaft with very small dimensions, minimum pit depth of 150 mm and top hight of 2 600 mm. Home Lift ® has a rated load of maximum 400 kg and is driven by a single 2,2 kW motor, available in 1- and 3-phase configuration. In the event of a power failure in the property the lift is automated to travel to the lowest floor and open the door. The high quality on this unit is matched by the length of the warranty: It can be lengthened up to 10 years. 

Home Lift ® is the perfect solution for public buildings with lower lifting heights, that want a proper lift albeit with slightly reduced speed. Inspired by other countries, we also want the option of a lift to be available not only for public buildings, but also for privately owned housing. 

LIFT IN YOUR HOUSE - an information campaign targeting present and future house owners. Guided by this vision, GMV has developed Home Lift ® - a unique lift for every user and tailored to be feasible in every building. It is worthwhile to have Home Lift ® in mind when designing the layout of the house, even should the purchase be postponed until an yet undetermined point in the future. Existing properties can be fitted with self-supporting shaft towers in both internal and external fashion. The totalled cost for the equipment and fitting is lower than the cost for purchasing a car and comparabale to - as example - the cost for a new, fully equipped kitchen. Home Lift ® complies with the stingent European rules for equipment of this sorts with regards to the topis of functionality, performance and user safety. 

Home Lift ® - properties 

In accordance with the Machinery

Directive 2006/42/EG 

Propulsion 2:1 Fluitronic ® with NGV electronic valve 
Nominal load 250 - 400 kg / 3 - 5 passengers 
Maximum lift height 12 m

Maximum # floors

Car sizes W 800-1100 x D 1000-1400 mm / Door: 700-900 mm
Automatic doors  Automatic destination (No operator presence control) 
Option Fire-rated doors
Power suply requirement 230VAC 1-phase 400VAC 3-phase / effect: 1,5-2,2 kW 
Velocity 0,15 m / s





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Home Lift ®

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