GMV ProVision



GMV ProVision is a product from GMV Sweden that will be prepared and tested before delivery, guaranteeing simple and time saving installation and start up operation.


GMV ProVision is a product that is intended to be used for new installation or modernizing existing hydraulic lifts. The product is a complete assembled unit combined by GMV Power unit with NGV-A3 electronic control valve in combination with any control system.



Kinds Elteknik 




The unit can be used for the modernisation of most older brands on the market, as Kone, Schindler, Deve, IGV and of course GMV makes on the market. It may be combined with existing lift doors or adapted to new brands of car doors.

GMV ProVision provides the following advantages for the end consumer:

  • Enhanced comfort, thanks to GMV's electronically manouvered valve NGV-A3 
  • Enhanced accuary in levelling to floor level at stops
  • Up to 35% reduced sound pollution
  • Reduced power requirements and lower energy consumption
  • Modern control unit which provides fault analysis in plain text
  • Can be set up to send automatic alarms to e-mails, by SMS or web browsers
  • Purposeful buttons with TTS, pictograms and floor indicator
  • Automatic emergency operating function, which will bring the car level to floor should there occur of a loss of power
  • Emergency phone for contact with emergency central by landline or GSM. 
  • Fulfils the following standards: EN 81-21, EN 81-28, EN 81-70 and EN 81-80 
  • GMV Eco-fluid optional: Biodegradability index >90% in comliance with standard   CECL33-A-93, in compliance with EU Enviromental Directive 2006/118/EC.


A totally reconditioned lift with modern technology is a much cheaper solution than a complete lift replacement.