Pawl Device


A pawl device is a piece of safety equipment which has been developed for hydraulic lifts in accordance with European regulations. A pawl device has two main functions:


  • It stops the car from dropping due to an oil leak or a variation in the oil level. 


The pawl device comes complete with a hydraulic damping system which ensures a level lower than gn (9.81 m/s2) which provides an alternative to the traditional pit        buffer.

The pawl device can also be used to stabilize the elevator during loading and unloading; the elevator rests on the pawl device in these cases when standing at floor level. The elevator must pass and go above floor level to deploy the the pawl device and then go down to floor level. 


  • NS 40/50, max. load 4,000 kg 
  • NS 70/100, max. load 7,000 kg