Power unit MRL-T (Tower)


The hydraulic unit type MRL-T has been developed for lifts that do not have access to a machine room or the availability of an electrical control unit. The unit is placed inside the lift well next to the guides. A service panel with a hand pump is placed in the door frame or in a cabinet in the wall of the pit well.

The tank is designed to require a smaller amount of oil. The MRL-T unit is adapted to the same range of components available to our traditional 3010/S valve and reaches the same high level of comfort and reliability. As with all GMV units, the F1 can be equipped with a traditional bar of or with a more advanced valve. 

The MRL-T unit is adapted for a pump flow of between 25-210 l/min and has been developed for hydraulic lifts that do not have a machine room. 



Standard components supplied with this unit: 


  • Submergible motor 
  • Pump with filter 
  • Pulsation damper 
  • 3010/S valve 
  • Cut-off valve with filter 
  • Oil level stick 
  • Connecting plinth with plastic housing 
  • Oil thermostat and motor thermistor 
  • Pressure switch 
  • Hand pump
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